Monday, February 13, 2006

Yogurt with Grape-Nuts and Strawberries

Yogurt with Grape-Nuts and strawberries.

1 serving, 225 calories.

Low Calorie Yogurt with Grape-Nuts and Strawberries Recipe

113 grams nonfat yogurt (1/2 cup)
29 grams Post brand Grape-Nuts (1/4 cup)
80 grams strawberries

Throw into a bowl and eat!


Garam Masala said...

Thanks for visiting the Spice is right earlier Erin! I usually like yogurt with cereal, so I'll give the grape nuts a chance!

I recently tried making a bread out of the cereal which turned out well too.

Norah Nick said...

Funny. I'm eating that right now.

Anonymous said...

This is breakfast for my daughter (age 9) and me every AM. We love it.