Saturday, February 25, 2006

Calorie-Count Toolbar Update: Don't download it!

A few days ago, I made a post explaining how I count calories. In that post I recommended the calorie-count toolbar, even though I generally loathe toolbars. Turns out, this toolbar is so loaded with spyware, we couldn't simply delete it, we had to format my computer to get rid of it entirely. Grr. So I hope nobody installed it, and if you did, I can only apologize and advise you run a spyware detection program to get rid of what you can. Damnit, I used that thing several times a day - no strings attached just simply doesn't exist online, I guess.

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Erik said...

Hi Erin - it's Erik here, creator of and the toolbar!

Many apologies for the problems you encountered with our toolbar, however I would like to assure you the toolbar is indeed spyware and adware free...the Internet Explorer version often gets falsely identified by anti-spyware applications as spyware, as we have to interact with our servers to keep your "eat meter" updated (which looks supsicious).

I'd appreciate getting more information on your difficulties and I encourage you to contact me at We take our user's privacy and security very seriously!

Kind Regards,

Erik Fantasia