Sunday, February 19, 2006

Leftovers: Quesadilla

I love cooking with leftovers, though I'm not all that creative with them. Next time I'll omit the avacado and scramble two egg whites with the leftover meat.

1 serving, 353 calories.

Low Calorie Turkey and Cheese Quesadilla Recipe

2 6" white corn tortillas - 110 calories
28 g. reduced fat cheddar cheese - 90 calories
40 g. leftover Turkey Taco meat - 85 calories
1 tsp. Tomatillo Salsa - 2 calories
2 Tbsps. (30g.) non-fat sour cream - 20 calories
15 g. avocado- 36 calories

Reheat your turkey mixture. Preheat a nonstick skillet over medium heat. Place 1 tortilla in pan, spread half of the tomatillo salsa over the tortilla, then sprinkle on half of the cheese evenly. Sprinkle on the meat, then the rest of the cheese. Spread remaining tortilla with the other teaspoon of salsa, and place on top of the pan ingredients. When the cheese on the bottom has melted, carefully flip the quesadilla and wait for the cheese on the second half to melt. Remove from pan, top with avocado and sour cream.


jude said...

looks good. Nice blogsite and nice pictures too. It is difficult to capture the "goodness" of many meals with a picture, but you seem to be good at it or at least have the right camera for it..

Anonymous said...

Don't change a thing! This looks yummy! >^..^<