Sunday, February 26, 2006


What is this? Isn't this supposed to be a diet blog? What the hell is a big fat piece of brownie/cake doing sitting on my screen? I'm sure you're saying exactly that, RIGHT? Ok, so I'm dramatic, but THAT is what I said last night, (minus the blog bit, and the screen bit) when my husband came home with two big pieces of this chocolate... brownie? cake? I don't know what it is, but it looks GOOD. He went to a family dinner (and in his family, that's a lot of people) which means there were 10, or so, very typical Utah dishes. Which isn't saying that's a bad thing, you just know what to expect. There's always some form of potato/cheese casserole, and always an over-the-top dessert (usually involving jello). But this, this chocolatey piece of ... chocolate ... is not the typical jello-inspired dessert. Just look at that top, it looks like fudge. FUDGE. I'm a chubber because of my love for things like fudge.

So did I eat them? No. They're sitting wrapped up on the counter, waiting impatiently for the one who is going to devour them. He's working. I'm home alone and my kitchen is being held hostage by fudge.


Anonymous said...

That fudge stuff looks so effing GOOD!!! Hook your little bro up wiff some! Love you sis!

Sassy Lawyer said...

How does one go on a diet with something like that? *sigh*

Maybe skip the diet for day?? :-P

joyce said...

Hi ERin!!!
Holly told me about your blog. I had no idea you had one. I love cooking blogs. ONe of my favorites is: Click on the cooking part (no, it has nothing to do with mormon pioneers hee hee).
This particular cake from your blog entry was probably made by Diana--Texas sheet cake. Although I have a much better recipe (in my opinion) from the website I just mentioned. Look up "The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever". IT's so yummy.
Anyway, I hope you see this entry since it's in reply to one of your older blog entries. HOpe you're doing well!!!