Monday, March 13, 2006

Janet's Mustard Chicken by way of Kalyn

Janet's Mustard Chicken, by way of Kalyn.

Kalyn posted about this recipe a few days ago, and I began to drool, which usually means I should make the recipe. I meant to make it on Saturday, but I didn't have half the ingredients I needed, so I made it for dinner tonight.

I made one very small modification to get the sauce down to where it would be within my 500 calorie meal goal, and I mean very small - I cut out half of the mayo and replaced it with nonfat yogurt. The original recipe is for 8 chicken breasts with sauce, but I was only serving two, so I halved the sauce because I didn't know if quartering it would work.

2 medium skinless, boneless chicken breasts, 6.5 oz each (6 oz; 280 calories when cooked)
1 tsp. olive oil (40 calories)
salt and pepper

300 calories per chicken breast. (I realize this is a double-portion of meat per person, but we were in a meat mood!)

2 Tbsp. mayo (200 calories)
6 Tbsp. nonfat sour cream (45 calories)
6 Tbsp. lowfat plain yogurt (56 calories)
1 Tbsp. Dijon mustard (15 calories)
1/2 tsp. dry mustard ( calories)
1/4 tsp. ground ginger (1.5 calories)
3/4 c. chicken stock (11.25 calories)
2 tbsp. chopped parsley, 75% in sauce, the rest to garnish (2 calories)

2 servings, 165.5 calories per serving.

So, 1 chicken breast with 1/2 the sauce and 3/4 cup frozen peas with a little salt is 518 calories.

This chicken recipe is fantastic. My husband kept saying, "Mmmmmmm, any sauce left?" and I also went back for extra sauce. I guess this could have been lower calorie if we'd eaten the amount of sauce the origial recipe called for, which was about half of what we ended up eating, but it was JUST SO DAMNED GOOD - we ate every last drop. Definitely a keeper.


Kalyn said...

Erin, I'm so glad you liked it. Great idea to replace some of the mayo.

Lexi said...

I didn't know half a chicken was a one person portion... We always make one chicken breast per person, although skinless :)

Erin Eats said...

Kalyn, yep, loved it! My husband has assured me that I can make it any time I like.. lol, punk.

Lexi - these were fairly large chicken breasts, a single portion is 3 oz., cooked. That may just be American food guidelines, I'm not sure.