Sunday, April 02, 2006

Chinese Hot and Sour Soup

One of our favorite foods is Chinese Hot and Sour Soup. I've tried making it a few times, but have never been able to get the right combination of flavors. Tonight, I decided to try this recipe, which had great reviews. The soup turned out pretty good, though there was still something important missing, and it wasn't the tofu that I replaced the chicken with. I tried to perk up the flavor with extra soy sauce and a splash of white vinegar (I like it more sour than hot), but it still didn't do the trick.

Does anyone have a killer, authentic Hot and Sour Soup recipe? I'd give my first born for something I could easily make at home.


mae said...

I too get the hankering for hot sour soup once in a while - once i ate it 5 nights in a row! I get a takeout though. Never made it myself. Did you add the pickled veg? Maybe that may be the answer?

It looks delicious, anyhow.

Erin Eats said...

It seems to be one of those addictive things.. I have always had takeout, too, but I am to where I like to know exactly what's in my food. I didn't add pickled veg, I just followed the recipe I found. I'll have to go hunting for a better one.

helen said...

Hi Erin,
I have a hot and sour soup recipe from Dec 2005 issue of Saveur magazine. I've made it a couple of times and varied the ingredients and it has come out pretty good. I'll send it to you if you via attachment if you like. I don't know how to send an email through this!

Mia said...

I found this post when looking up H&S soup recipes online, even though it's a couple years old.

My Chinese mom finally told me the trick: make sure the shiitake mushrooms were dried and reconstituted. Keep the liquid from the mushrooms and use that as your stock. You don't have to add any chicken/veggie/beef stock. Sugar should be in the list of ingredients as well as white pepper. The preferred vinegar for the soup is the black Chinese Chinkiang vinegar, though I like the white Chinese vinegar because it doesn't turn the soup too dark. And the final secret is the pickled mustard greens called "Ja Choy" which is sold in cans or plastic airtight bags. Enjoy!